Saint Thomas Aquinas Parish

Every second Wednesday starting April 24th from 7-10 p.m.

Trinity Defense


Have you ever wondered what good reasons there are to believe that God exists?

Have you wondered how to understand the relationship between science and the Catholic faith, or how faith and reason are supposed to interlock with each other?

What do Catholics believe about the Eucharist, or the Papacy, or the theory of evolution, or how we can have free will if God predestines us?

If these sorts of questions interest you then I’d like to extend you an invitation to join us every second Wednesday evening starting April 24th, from 7pm-10pm, at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in Hudson, where we will be working through these and many other topics in a crash course in apologetics and systematic theology.

Course given by Tyler Journeaux, Bachelor’s degree (honours in Theological studies, major Philosophy) from Concordia University and Master’s degree in Philosophical Theology from Oxford University. 

All are welcome.

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